Design is only good if it works
And it only works if you have a sound strategy
Strategy + Design = Ideas that Work
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Story of my life

I developed my first website when I was 16. Half emo. Half epic-tech nerd. To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was doing. All I knew was I wanted a way to share my writings. When GeoCities launched, I knew this would be the venue where my site would take off. In a matter of months, I created The Rooms of Poe, what would be known 15 years later as a social community. It started with just some of my writings. And as the site gained more attention, I started accepting and posting writings from others.



- Adobe
- HP
- Intel
- Intuit
- LinkedIn
- Shutterfly
- Zact Mobile
- Zangati
- TurboTax
- California Bank & Trust
- Bell Investment Advisors
- StarOne Credit Union

- Future Shop
- Walmart
- Office Depot
- Staples

Sports / Apparel:
- Skins
- Yonex

Food / Beverage:
- Castle Rock Winery
- Sprout Cafe
- Swirl on Castro


If you have an opportunity you would like to discuss, drop me a line.

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